Myths About Pests – Debunked!

Most people in the world would answer you positively when you ask them if they hate bugs and mice. Just looking at a picture of a cockroach or reading about spiders, for example, can make your skin crawl. And it gets even worse when you know that certain urban legends and weird facts about insects might be real.

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Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs When Travelling

Bed bugs are the small, flat and oval, reddish-brown living nightmares that hide in your bed. They are pests that are hard to see and get rid of. They are parasites that feed on human blood at night. You will not know that you have them unless you feel the itchy bite marks.

Their droppings can leave small brown stains on your sheets but you may not pay attention to that until you are bitten. The bed bugs are only active at night and during the day they stay hidden.

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Tips to Prevent Ants From Getting in Your Home and Garden

Living in a house has its own pros and cons. One of the cons, sadly, is the considerate number of bugs in the garden. And it is not only the hard-working bees that come to pollinate your orchards and flowers. There are also mosquitoes, moths, beetles and the worse of all, ants. They can be hard to deal with because of their size, number and persistence. Sometimes they simply seem to be invincible. Whatever you do to stop ants from coming inside the house- all the sprays and insecticides – seem to keep them away for a few days or a week.

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5 Most Dangerous Animals In England

To people who are scared of bugs, knowing that some of them can actually kill you is the worst. There are tonnes of articles written about the most deadly animals in the world. You might even be surprised at some of the facts that you find because they do not sound very real, but they are.

These 5 insects might surprise you as well, as you may have never thought about them as being dangerous. They are not unheard of. They are not bizarre bugs that are only found in England. Some of them are bugs that you see every day.

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