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You want to get rid of an insect infestation in your home or at your place of business and you want it done now? Then don’t hesitate and call our 24/7 available team of professional customer care assistants who are able to consult you immediately for free and arrange for the best pest treatment service you need.

For Pro Pest Controllers London every customer is a priority and we always take into consideration your specific requests and will always accommodate your schedule. The pest technicians are available to visit you during the weekends, on holidays, early in the morning or after your work day is over. In case of emergency, we are able to send a team of specialists to help with your problem.

Pro Pest Controllers London Extra Services

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Pro Pest Controllers London Invests in Trained and Experienced Personnel and Professional Equipment

Normally the treatment is done in one visit. In case you book a guaranteed service, you can request up to 2 follow-up visits within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment, or 1 extra visit within 1 month after the treatment. When the technician arrives at your address he will perform a thorough inspection and after that, he will continue with the procedure by treating all infested areas with approved pesticides from an official UK supplier and professional equipment.

On the day the pest exterminators come to your London home or business, you should remove all your pets and hoover all affected areas. You should vacate the floor where the technicians are performing the procedure because the insecticides have low toxicity when airborne. Leave the property for at least 2 hours – enough time for the poison to settle. After that, you will need to air every room.

Entrust your home safety and cleanness to Pro Pest Controllers London ! We will make sure that you’ll return to pest-free home by getting rid of any mice and rats or bed bugs and will also give you professional and helpful advice how to protect your property from possible future infestations.

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