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Prevent any further property damages or the spread of dangerous infections and get rid in time of your mice or rat problem with Pro Pest Controllers London services. The pet technicians we will send to your home or business will make a professional assessment and will perform effective rodent control techniques to exterminate any mice or rats and their nests.

The service is usually done in one visit which is not hourly based. After the initial treatment, we will do 1 follow-up visit to take away the dead rodents and to collect the bait boxes. In case you book our guaranteed service then the pest technician will make 2 free follow-up visits for a period of 3 months after the main treatment.

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What to Expect on The Day of The Treatment for Mice & Rats

  • On their arrival, the technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property before the actual treatment. They will locate all exit points and hiding spots of the rodents and will determine the level of infestation, then they will the necessary measures they’ll need take to remove the mice or rats from your household or business.

  • The treatment is done in 3 steps: 1. The rodent exterminators will block and seal the spots where rodent are entering into the property with expanding foam, wire wool and sealants; 2. After that they will place bait boxes with poison bait inside; 3. And finally they’ll lay down some poison in case the infestation is more serious.

  • After the procedure is completed the pest technicians will give professional advice how to prevent future rodent infestations and what preventive measures to undertake.

What to Do Before The Pest Technicians Visit Your Property

  • You should place all the household rubbish in a dustbin with a closed lid and remove any rubbish from your garden. Do not leave excessive waste food outside your property overnight.

  • Remove any poison or trap that you’ve put because the technician will use professional equipment to effectively eliminate the rodents.

  • A good idea would be to block any holes used for services that may allow access into your building.

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Forget about your headaches and frustration because the poison or the trap you’ve put down is useless and still there are mice or rats in your London home, office, hotel or restaurant. Our pest company has 15 years of experience in dealing with rodents, bed bugs and any other sort of vermin infestation. The service is performed by highly skilled and trained technicians who use professional equipment and approved rodent repellers which are safe for the environment and also for humans and pets.

After the job is done, we want to leave our clients happy and their property – safe, clean and in order. Call Pro Pest Controllers London today, consult with our experienced customer care assistants on the phone for free and make your reservation. We are available 24/7 on 020 3404 4091!

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