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Reliable Bed Bugs Treatment in Birmingham

Bed bugs infestations are among the most common complaints in Birmingham. No property is secure. What is worse, these bloodsucking insects spread rapidly and their infestations are quite resilient. Luckily, PestKillerz offers effective bed bug treatments in Birmingham and the nearby areas. All you need to do is give us a call and let us get rid of bed bugs for you. Our services are appropriate for the following types of properties:

Why Choose Professional Bed Bug Exterminators?

There are many bed bug control companies in the Birmingham area, which means that we have to set ourselves apart. To achieve this, we not only strive to provide the most efficient bed bug treatment but also offer additional perks to our local customers. Here’s what you get by booking with us:

  • Swift and discreet bed bugs eradication - the exterminators are located near you in order to answer your requests as quickly as possible; upon request, they can arrive with a non-branded vehicle;
  • Comprehensive treatments - our guaranteed pest control for bed bugs is a complex service that will eradicate all traces of those insects;
  • Certified exterminators - all pest technicians are experienced and undergo a detailed training before they start working with us;
  • Family-friendly solutions - for your safety, we follow strictly all COSHH regulations. The products are all completely safe once they settle;
  • Flexible bookings - we are available whenever you need bed bug pest control, including on weekends and holidays.

We send out local bed bug exterminators who have years of experience dealing with this pest. They know all about this parasite, where to look for signs of infestations and how to destroy them in the most efficient manner. All pest control technicians are certified and know how to implement the latest bed bug control procedures.

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How We Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Birmingham Homes?

The local exterminators who work with PestKillez in Birmingham have different approaches to different pest infestations. We firstly assess the situation at your property and only then proceed with treating. In the end, we always finish with some preventative advice in order to avoid further pest problems. Here’s how we do our bed bug control procedure in Birmingham:

  1. INSPECTION: We will dispatch a pest exterminator located near you, to thoroughly examine the premises for any traces of bed bugs. He will manage to evaluate the situation and mark areas for treatment. At the end of the inspection, he will know exactly what bed bug removal method to implement for a fast and effective service;
  2. TREATMENT: Your exterminator will apply powerful bed bug control products to treat the infested spots. We utilise insecticides that are not available at your local store -- they are safe after they settle and have a strong residual effect that will protect your home for long;
  3. PREVENTION: Once the bed bug removal is over, your pest technician will advise you how to avoid bed bugs in the future. For a successful bed bug control, we recommend scheduling a full treatment which will manage to destroy the entire insect population.

If you have ordered our guaranteed bed bug treatment in Birmingham, you will have the option to schedule up to two additional procedures for the next three months. This way we ensure that no pesky insects will manage to survive the treatment and re-infest your home.

We can also help you with other pest infestations. The local exterminators are experienced in conducting wasp control procedures, cockroach removal, mice and rat control, general property fogging and more. All you need to do is contact us and leave the rest to the capable hands of the Birmingham experts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Q. How do I know that I have bed bugs?

A. They usually leave some tell-tale signs that can warn you about a possible infestation. The most common signs of bed bugs are:

  • Red bite marks on your body, particularly noticeable in the mornings. Bed bugs are nocturnal animals, they will venture out of their hideout during the night;
  • Bed bugs often leave faecal matter around and on the bed or sofa which look like tiny black particles;
  • A sure sign of a growing infestation are exoskeletons which can be found in the crevices of the bed. These are left when nymphs transform into adult bed bugs.

Q. Is there anything I need to do before the procedure?

A. There are some preparational actions you can do to make the treatment go as easy and fast as possible:

  • Remove all textile such as bedding and clothes from the room which will be treated and wash them on 60-90’C;
  • Remove all items from underneath the bed to minimise bed bugs’ escape route and not let them infest your possessions;
  • Hoover all surfaces in the affected room, including the mattress from all sides, and dispose of the bag;
  • Prior to the actual bed bug treatment, remove all pets, fish and other tank animals from the property;
  • If needed, reposition the furniture around the infested room for a better reach for the exterminator.

Q. Can I sleep in my bed after the bed bug treatment?

A. Yes, and it’s actually required of you to do so in order to draw out any insects. This way they will get in contact with the treated surfaces and will die shortly afterwards.

Q. How long does it take to eradicate a bed bug infestation?

A. It all depends on the severity of infestation. That’s exactly why we so highly recommend using our full procedures. With additional visits, we manage to exterminate bed bugs that hatch after we treat the first time, removing the population on waves.


I was very scared after the inspection was positive for bed bugs infestation in the bedroom. Thankfully the guy that was doing it helped me remain calm and I booked a treatment for the very next day and slept on the couch 'cause it was clean. The guy was polite and promised that there will be no more problems. So far, he is right. I have not noticed any traces or bites and I sleep a lot better. Thanks!

Michelle Orwell, Tenant, Birmingham

I had my bed treated for bed bugs a few months ago but to no result until I booked a service with you. Your guy came much better equipped and took longer to treat the bed and around it. I was pleasantly surprised. I find your service to be very competent and to have a skilful staff because thanks to you I no longer have bed bugs.

Lucy Dane, Birmingham