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Effective Cockroach Control in Birmingham

There’s a reason why people say that cockroaches will outlive us all. This pest is notorious for its resistance to insecticides and other measures of DIY control. If your home or office suffers from roach infestation, make sure to call the professionals.

Our cockroach control in Birmingham is:

  • Discreet because we can arrive in a non-branded vehicle;
  • Effective because of our guaranteed cockroach removal procedures;
  • Fast because the roach exterminators are located near you;

Our cockroach removal procedures are suitable for both residential and business premises all around Birmingham. No matter the case, PestKillerz will be able to help you get rid of cockroaches. The trained and certified cockroach pest controllers arrive fully equipped to tackle an infestation and remove all traces of the insects.

What Are The Dangers of Cockroach Infestations?

Cockroaches love indoor conditions because they offer them everything for a stable growth of their population -- shelter, water, and lots and lots of food. This is why the main reason for infestations are the untidied food leftovers, garbage, leaky pipes and cracks around the property. An infestation may occur even if you keep your home sorted out at all times -- it can be easily introduced through neighbours who have a cockroach problem.

Once you have them in your Birmingham home, though, it’s best to eradicate the population as quickly as possible. If left untreated, cockroach infestations bring the following dangers:

  • Food Contamination - roaches are drawn to human food which is exactly why most infestations occur in the kitchen, amongst other areas. Moreover, they tend to regurgitate and defecate while eating, thus managing to be not only highly disgusting but also spread disease all over the place;
  • Allergic Reactions - cockroaches emit strong stench that can aggravate children and more sensitive people but this isn’t the only cause of allergic reactions. Dead cockroaches, their faeces and eggs are all filthy and are the main reason of contamination;
  • Spreading Bacteria and Parasites - roaches spread parasites in more than one way -- everything they do contaminates the area they get in touch with. This is why managing an infestation while still on the early stages is so crucial.
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How We do Our Cockroach Control in Birmingham?

Our successful Birmingham cockroach control is comprised of several stages, each one of which is designed to accomplish a particular goal. Together, they form an unbeatable extermination procedure that eradicates the cockroach population. Here’s how we do it:

  1. PestKillerz sends out a local exterminator in Birmingham to evaluate the situation at your property. He will check the premises top-to-bottom to locate all cockroach hideouts and mark the areas for treatment;
  2. Once your pest controller knows what he’s dealing with, he will be able to choose the most suitable treatment to proceed with. We use powerful but safe solutions for our cockroach control, this ensures both -- the quality and safety of our services. The cockroach exterminator will apply the product thoroughly to all marked areas;
  3. PestKillerz offers and recommends the full-treatment option which comes with a 3-month guarantee. During that time, you’ll be able to schedule up to two additional visits from the cockroach pest controller. Our guaranteed treatments ensure the complete elimination of the roach population because it manages all the life stages. No specimen will be left out to breed and reinfest the area.

PestKillerz also offers a wide range of other pest control treatments such as wasp control and nest treatment, bed bugs treatment, rat and mouse control, flea removal, bird control and proofing, and more.

Get in touch with us and tell us all about your problem - we will send out a local pest expert to deal with your case. Call now: 012 1461 4220


I had absolutely no problems with the guy who came and the service was very easy to book! He was super friendly and did his work without bothering me at all. So far, the results are great. No cockroaches in sight for weeks. Thanks.

Mark Fields, Landlord, Birmingham

Thanks for your quick response even though I called on short notice. I just got very scared when I saw the cockroaches and wanted them gone as soon as possible. Your technicians were very helpful. I could not thank them enough.

Jenna Barker, Birmingham