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Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Birmingham

Keeping a business up and running is challenging enough even without pest problems. PestKillerz can help you avoid vermins and all the risks they bring with them, by implementing commercial pest control in Birmingham.

Our pest management programs are designed for your business's particular needs and aim at preventing infestations from arising in the first place.

When it comes to commercial pest control, time and effectiveness matter the most. PestKillerz has been protecting businesses for years. We know all about the different types of pests that challenge local companies, what attracts the vermin, what are their weak spots and how to exterminate infestations in the fastest manner. Safe treatments and prevention are our main goals when it comes to business pest control in Birmingham.

How We Help Businesses:

  • Custom pest management solutions - we develop programs which fit both your industry and your own requirements;
  • Discreet, fast and efficient response - in order to protect your business best, we need to be all of this and more;
  • Utilising latest industry equipment - no pests can escape our professional approach;
  • Certified pest technicians - all local pest controllers are eligible to perform commercial pest control of highest standards.
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Types of Industries We Can Help

Commercial Facilities: PestKillerz offers pest prevention and treatment for commercial premises such as shopping centres, office buildings, retail and other industrial buildings in Birmingham. We aim to deal with pest problems as swiftly as possible without disrupting the workflow;

Hospitality Industry: when it comes to the accommodation sector, a potential pest infestation can harm your reputation and cause revenue loss. Our local pest control branch is already helping motels, hotels, vacation rentals, hostels and more to keep all pests at bay;

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Premises: in premises such as pharmacy buildings, hospitals and sanatoriums, conditions should be impeccable at all times. Your local pest technician will ensure that no vermin enter the area and the environment is safe as it should be;

Food Industry: no matter at what end you are in the food manufacturing and distribution industry, there are always government regulations to comply with. Our commercial pest control in Birmingham will protect the buildings and produce from the devastating effects of pest infestations;

Farming & Agriculture: warehouses attract various vermin because they offer a never endless supply of food and shelter. To keep pests away, PestKillerz provides flexible management solutions that include prevention and timely treatment;

Others: we also help local governments and their facilities, churches, museums and more in the constant fight against vermin. We tailor our services to fit your particular case and protect your workplace, whatever it might be.

PestKillerz Protects Your Birmingham Business From These Risks

  • Violation of government regulations for particular industries;
  • Damage to your business’ reputation;
  • Contamination of the workplace and produce;
  • Damage to inventory, materials and products;
  • Structural damage to buildings.

All of the above are actual threats that pose to local companies daily. Our expertise helps us protect the business in a hassle-free manner. PestKillerz's technicians are fully qualified to deal with any commercial pest request.

Our Method to Protect Your Business

Just like any other business, we constantly need to refine our pest control techniques in order to be competitive on the market. Our commercial pest control in Birmingham usually consists of these four main stages:

1. Survey - we always start with a thorough inspection of the premises. Your local pest technician comes fully equipped to check all possible entry points which pests are most likely to use, he will also look for signs of infestation and will give special attention to areas which pests use to hide. This step is essential to every procedure, especially the bed bug treatment, as it gives us valuable information on the scale of pest infestation. Once the survey is complete, your pest inspector will have enough information to suggest further actions and even a suitable treatment, if needed;

2. Control - in case there are pests roaming around your premises, the technician will deploy a pest control procedure in order to eradicate the intruders. The treatments vary from pest to pest but the pro will do his best to remove the vermin as swiftly as possible, so he will use powerful solutions and sealant products to block the entry spots for the pests;

3. Prevention - once all control procedures are over it’s time to make sure that no pests will disturb your business again. Your pest technician will provide you with a written report of all completed treatments and used products. He will also give you guidance on how to avoid pest problems in the future and can install proofing materials for a small additional charge. This will prevent mice and rats from entering the premises. Apart from this, you can request a team of professional cleaners to disinfect the premises;

4. Audit - your pest controller will return to re-examine the situation and check for any signs of remaining pests. If there are any, he will proceed with the treatments until the infestation is completely destroyed and the premises are vermin-free. Your account manager will keep track of all visits, filling the details in your personal file.


The exterminators seemed very professional and took their time inspecting every room top to bottom. Some colleagues complained about hearing a noise as if there were mice and we called for a same-day inspection. A team was sent a few hours later and I was pleased to find that the inspection did not show any infestation and was glad to pay them for the well-done job.

Marcus Bates, Business owner, Birmingham