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Complete Rat & Mouse Control Procedures by PestKillerz

Birmingham is famous for being the rat capital of UK, you’ve probably seen the shocking videos of rats and mice running freely around the city. In times like these, professional rodent control is more important than ever because the pesky intruders become more and more difficult to eradicate with each day. PestKillerz offers comprehensive mice and rat control in Birmingham which consists of several stages aiming at the total elimination of those intruders. It is important to get rid of the rats and mice because they bring the following threats:

  • Spreading disease and bacteria that cause allergies;
  • Contaminating your home’s environment;
  • Gnawing surfaces and materials around the property;
  • Undermining the construction of the building.

Mouse control and rat control often take time, so it’s important to deal with infestations as soon as you see them around. Your local Birmingham exterminators know how to deal with the rodents and manage their population.

Additional Benefits of Our Rodent Control Services in Birmingham

Our effective rat and mice control in Birmingham will ensure the safe conditions of your home. Besides that, all local residents can take advantage of the benefits that come with our services:

  • Complete service that covers all stages of rat removal;
  • Local mice and rat exterminators for a quick response;
  • Guaranteed service package to cover your needs;
  • Certified mouse exterminators, fully trained in the best practices;
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How the Birmingham Rat and Mouse Exterminators Solve Your Problems?

Rodents are invasive, smart, and adaptive species, their nature makes them resilient to DIY treatments because they constantly learn and evolve. This requires a special approach, know-how and modern products when dealing with rat infestations. Your Birmingham exterminators use all of these plus a well-developed mouse control techniques. PestKillerz's treatment process includes these steps:

>>> Property check-up - when your local mouse exterminator first arrives at your property, he will conduct a detailed pest inspection in order to locate the rodents. He will mark up areas that need to be treated and will evaluate the level of infestation;

>>> Sealing entry spots - then your rat technician will seal the entry holes using wire wool, expanding foam and other materials which will eliminate the escape routes;

>>> Mouse control/rat control procedure - once the preparations are complete, the expert will proceed with the most appropriate mice and rat control procedure. All mice and rat control procedures are not limited in time, meaning that the technician will stay at your property until the treatment is complete;

>>> Prevention - upon leaving, your Birmingham exterminator will give you practical tips how to avoid rat infestations in the future. If you have scheduled our insured services, you will be able to book up to two additional visits from the pro, for the next three months. This ensures that no rodents survive to re-infest your home;

>>> Rodent proofing - upon request, the mouse exterminator can install rodent proofing solutions that will keep all unwanted intruders safely away from your premises. You can also schedule after treatment cleaning procedure for a small fee, which will be conducted by professional cleaners in the area.

The local exterminators also have experience and tools to deal with other pest problems in a timely matter. We can get rid of cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps, fleas, woodworm and more and leave your home pest-free.

How to Identify Signs of Mice and Rat Infestation

If you are unsure whether your home is infested or not, you can schedule a complete property inspection in Birmingham. We will send out a local professional who will check up your property for any traces of pests and will suggest most proper follow-up actions. However, all rodents leave marks of their presence and if you are in luck, you can notice them before the infestation spreads. Look around for:

  • Animal carcases and smell of a dead animal;
  • Rat and mice droppings and urine puddles, usually around the area they infest -- most commonly the kitchen;
  • Gnaw marks on furniture, cables, carpets and more. Mice and rats, in particular, chew on everything within their reach, so it won’t be hard to notice if they are present;
  • Squeaking and smears around the walls are a sure sign of a developing infestation.

If you have noticed some of these signs, don’t postpone your mouse control procedure. The vermin tend to reproduce quite fast and before you notice, you’ll have a full-blown infestation to worry about.


Ever since we found out that we have mice in the attic we had not had a good night sleep. I, because I’m scared and my husband because I constantly wake him up to check if they are in the room. We hired one of your exterminators and he must have done a marvellous since we had not heard or seen any mice lately!

Diana Scott, Birmingham

When your exterminators arrived my first thought was that he is really professional. He brought some gadgets and a lot of sprays and baits. Hit attitude made a very good impression on me and with the fact that I have not seen mice since, I must conclude that he did a very good job. Thanks a bunch!

Susan Roberts, Birmingham