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Thorough Pest Inspection in Birmingham

It’s quite common for Birmingham residents to hear strange noises in the basement and scratching in the attic, and not knowing what to do. Pests leave various tell-tale signs and it’s often up to professionals to recognise their origin.

PestKillerz offers a comprehensive pest inspection in Birmingham that aims at locating all vermin hideouts. The local pest controllers will check the property top to bottom in order to locate the pests. For this procedure, we use our experience, knowledge and advanced tools that will surely identify and locate the intruders in your home or business building.

More About the Pest Inspection

Property pest inspections in Birmingham are an essential part of all effective pest removal procedures that we offer but the service isn’t obligatory in its nature -- you don’t have to book a treatment to have your home checked. We will dispatch a local technician who will inspect the premises and look for signs of pest presence. Pest inspection is useful when you are unsure:

  • What pest you have - different intruders leave different signs of infestation. If you don’t know what has invaded your building, we can identify that for you and recommend the most appropriate further actions. For example, if you have wasps, you may need a wasp nest treatment but if you have bees, such procedures aren't needed;
  • What kind of treatment to book - even if you do know the pest species that are infesting your Birmingham property, you still need to book a suitable treatment. A professional pest exterminator will know what type of service you need after assessing your particular case;
  • If you have pests at all - it’s really unpleasant to schedule an appointment and find out that you don’t actually need one. It’s a hassle for both sides -- you and your local pest company. If you’re not sure that you have an infestation, it’s best to schedule a property inspection first.
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How We Perform Our Pest Inspection Services in Birmingham?

Some pests leave obvious traces behind, which is the case of a cockroach infestation, but others, like bed bugs, for example, are quite stealthy. Their presence in Birmingham homes goes undiscovered until you notice the infamous rash from their bites that indicates a full-blown infestation.

Once developed, pest infestations might become quite difficult to manage, not to mention pricey, and they often cause damage to homes and endanger your family’s health. Timely pest management is important and that’s why we recommend scheduling pest inspection as soon as you suspect rodents or insects presence. Here’s how we do it:

  • Your local pest inspector will arrive at your property at the scheduled time, fully equipped to tackle the task at hand;
  • He will check your property top-to-bottom, paying great attention to places where pests usually harbour or use to enter the premises. He’ll keep an eye for any signs of pest presence;
  • Once the pest inspection is completed, the pro will advise you on how to proceed next. He will either suggest you the most appropriate treatment, advise on installing pest proofing materials or will give you some practical tips on how to avoid infestations. He can also get rid of animal carcasses, if any and dispose of them safely.


Hi there, guys. I only wanted to say that you technician Jack, I think it was, seems like a very hard worker. He was sent to inspect my house for mice and after his detailed search and assurance that there is no infestation, we chatted up a bit and he seems very well-versed and experienced in his job. I speak as an employer myself, that you should do everything to keep such employees.

Derek M., Birmingham

The thorough inspection of my two apartments went great. Luckily for me, there are no rats or mice in any of my properties. Since I sublet my smaller apartment I wanted it to be seen by a real professional. Your guy was very polite and I trust him with his evaluation.

Sarah Walker, Landlord in Birmingham