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Wasp Nest Treatment in Birmingham by PestKillerz

Wasps are unpredictable and dangerous creatures. Their sting hurts and can be potentially dangerous to children and people with allergies. If you have this insect near your property and are looking for swift and safe wasp nest treatment in Birmingham, you can always count on us. PestKillerz will send out a local wasp exterminator who will deal with the pest professionally. We are located near you in order to respond to your queries as quickly as possible and rid you of the problem.

Our wasp control services are suitable for all types of properties -- business and residential -- because we are fully equipped and prepared to tackle every situation. The local wasp exterminators in Birmingham are also well trained and certified in all pest control procedures which makes them the obvious choice when it comes to wasp infestations. The team uses powerful products, provided by a leading manufacturer in the UK, which means they are both effective and safe. PestKillerz will get rid of wasps and will leave your home pest-free.

Benefits of Our Birmingham Wasp Control Procedures

  • Quick wasp control that eradicates the pest in one visit;
  • Safe treatments that comply with regulations;
  • Wasp control on the same-day, weekend and bank holidays;
  • Certified and trained local wasp exterminators.

The Birmingham wasp exterminators use powerful products which aren’t available in stores. This helps them get rid of wasps in a super fast and effective way, which store-bought products aren’t able to achieve. Moreover, the professionals know how to control wasps safely and avoid making the insects angry, which can lead to unwanted stings.

Unlike any other pest, wasps are quite easy to notice -- if you see a lot of them, it means that their nest is somewhere close. There are a few species that are common in the UK and Birmingham area -- European hornets, red wasps, common and German wasps are all well known, so if you have them in your yard, don’t postpone the treatment for long.

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Our Wasp Control Services Explained

PestKillerz will send a local wasp exterminator in Birmingham to inspect your property and locate the wasp nest. Once he manages to evaluate the danger, he will choose a suitable way to get rid of the wasps. The technician will confirm the price of your wasp control services and will start with the treatment of the nest. There are cases in which wasps form several hives, but your pest controller will manage to treat them safely if easily accessible. These insects don’t usually re-populate empty nests.

All local wasp exterminators are fully equipped to deal with hives. Your professional will arrive with a ladder, with the help of which, he will be able to reach up to 15ft and conduct the wasp control procedure. We spray the nest with a special powder solution that attacks the nervous system of the insect, eventually killing the entire colony.

Your wasp pest controller will give you detailed tips on how to prevent future problems and what to do if the situation repeats.

PestKillerz also offers other pest control services in the Birmingham area, such as cockroach control, mice and rat extermination, bed bug treatments and more. You can also schedule a property pest inspection if you're not sure of the issue" Contact us and share your problem with the team and we will do our best to help out.

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees

We often get calls and requests for wasp extermination services when there are bees nests and vice versa. Unfortunately, the two species differentiate a lot and while we do remove wasps, we can’t do the same with bees and their nests because they are protected by law.

Bees and wasps have some noticeable differences -- bees, for example, can only sting you once before losing their sting. Wasp stings, however, aren’t that easy to evade.

Besides the sting, you can also differentiate between the both by the following marks:

  • Appearance - wasp bodies are elongated and smooth, while bees are more roundish, covered in tiny hairs. There’s also a difference in their colouring as bees’ look duller than wasps;
  • Behaviour - wasps are a known trouble maker and will not wait for you to provoke them before they attack. Bees, on the other hand, are the nicer species and will only sting you if you’re bothering them.


It was a very thorough service in my opinion. The guys came to inspect first and after establishing that it wasn’t bees but wasps they took care of them. They treat the nest quickly without any complications, and I am very glad that wasps are not in my yard anymore.

Sandy D., Birmingham

Hey people! I loved the work one of your guys did last weekend at my place. I had a wasp nest on my balcony which was kinda scary because I’m allergic to them. The man who came was super careful and did not get stung once! Many thanks to him. He was great!

Donna Murray, Birmingham