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100% Effective Bed Bugs Treatment in Leeds

PestKillerz is an established pest control company in Leeds that deals with any kind of pest infestations. Bed bugs are not an exception and are exterminated from commercial and private domestic properties all year round.

Our bed bug treatments are done in 2 or more visits to make sure the pests are fully eradicated. We first come for an inspection and treat the bugs with COSHH-approved pesticides. We then return for a follow-up visit to inspect the results and treat an additional time for а full efficiency of the extermination.

Call us now at 011 3856 0122 for more information or for booking bed bug treatment. Our customer care and sales representatives are available 24/7.

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How We Do The Bed Bugs Control Service

From start to finish, the technician makes sure the bed bugs extermination is done properly and without taking any risks. During the whole pest control service, your professional exterminator thinks about your health and safety. Your belongings, pets and surfaces are also taken care of at any stage of the treatment.

The whole extermination process is completed in 2 or more visits. This crawling pest is very hard to exterminate and 1 treatment is simply not enough. In 4 steps you will get rid of the bed bugs completely:

  1. The pest technician comes for an inspection of your property at time and date, previously arranged via a phone call or email. A full property inspection is done on all premises, a closer look is taken under the mattresses of all beds, where the bed bugs usually hide;
  2. When the pest's location and the most adequate type of treatment is identified, the expert proceeds with the extermination. During the first visit, the mattresses are treated with a pesticide that attracts the bugs to come out. Once the bugs make contact with the pesticide, they die instantly. Sleeping on the treated bed for at least 1 night is required for the success of the treatment, otherwise, the bugs won’t come out of their hidings;
  3. The second visit is done 2 weeks after the first one and is basically an inspection of the bed bugs control results. Then, a follow-up spraying is done - this prevents further infestations and gives a guarantee for a trouble-free living after the bed bugs removal is completed;
  4. Professional bed bug prevention tips and advice are provided to the people living in the property. 5 days after the application of the insecticide is the best moment for cleaning and vacuuming the treated surfaces. If the places where the insecticide was used are cleaned shortly after the spraying, the effect of the whole treatment will be lost.


Just last week I booked a treatment with you. I just wanted to come and write a few words about it. The people who came were nice and very chatty. We talked a bit and they gave me some great advice for pest infestations. They seemed to enjoy their work a lot and did a good job at my place.

Derek Pearce

The man had a lot of things with him. In the beginning, I did not know what was happening and was a bit nervous but then he explained to me what he was going to do which wasn’t that scary at all. Seemed pretty straightforward and he was done quickly. I sure hope this will be enough to not have any future problems with bed bugs.

Linda Grey