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Efficient Mice Control and Rat Removal in Leeds

Mice and rats are among the most common pests in the UK and their population is vastly increasing each day. If rat control and mice extermination are ignored, this results in terrible structural damage and contamination of commercial and private properties.

If the vermin is not exterminated on time, this leads to fees of enormous scale for business owners and terrible personal property damage to landlords. When you try to get rid of mice and rats on your own without success, don’t hesitate to call the professional exterminators from PestKillerz.

We are a licensed company and which works only with well-trained technicians who have long experience in pest control services. Our pesticides and rodent control methods are safe and will do no harm to your property or belongings.

Call us at any time and take advantage of our emergency pest control. The customer care department and experienced sales representatives will take care of all your needs and will help you schedule a pest inspection, followed by a mice or rat control session. Our prices are fixed and with no hidden charges.

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How We Do Rat Control & Mice Removal in Leeds

Two methods for rodent control are most preferred by specialists and customers. Treatments with pesticides or with snap traps. After a pest inspection of the whole commercial or private property, the pest control specialist determines the most effective treatment for the infestation at your place and proceeds with the eradication.

In 4 simple steps the vermin will be eliminated and no trace of them will remain on your property:

  1. The mice control specialist arrives at your property for a thorough inspection. After that, the most comprehensive rodent extermination method will be chosen. Specialized equipment is used with great efficiency for localisation of the vermin's hiding place;
  2. The pest controller seals any possible entry points into the premises. This prevents further infestations and stops the mice and rats from spreading into the other premises in the building;
  3. The rodent removal specialist places the pest control tools and pesticides, required for the job;
  4. Expert rat and mice proofing tips are provided to the customer and 2 follow up visits are scheduled upon request, if a full treatment is booked.


I just wanted to tell you that you have very polite and helpful phone assistants. I called for an emergency inspection and treatment and the girl was super calm and explained everything very well. I booked right away even though it was a bit pricey for me. Regardless, the job was carried out perfectly and I have not seen a rat since.

Janice Rivers

Hey, I’m so happy that I finally found a decent company.  You were the last company I called and booked right away. I do not regret it. I just wanted to come and say thank you, you helped a lot.

Stephen Porter