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Residential and Commercial Pest Inspection in Leeds

No matter what kind of pest has infested your home, it needs to be exterminated. When professionals are asked to do a pest treatment job, they will always make a thorough pest inspection of the whole commercial or private property in Leeds before that.

When type of the pest (rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches or else) are identified, the exterminator may proceed with the pest control session. PestKillerz provides professional pest inspection services 24/7, all around Leeds and areas nearby the city. Call us at 011 3856 0122 to schedule a visit and get a free quote for the service.


Our Pest Inspection Service Guarantees Quality Extermination

After the identification of the infestation you receive more information about the service:

  1. How the pest got into your property;
  2. What proofing methods may be done to prevent further infestations;
  3. The location of the pest and the scale of the infestation;
  4. The most effective treatment method for your pest problem;
  5. The amount of time that is required for the pest control job to be completed;
  6. The quote for the service is confirmed after the inspection;


Prices are fixed and preferential rates are available whenever you book more than one pest control service with us.

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The Pest Inspection is Done in 4 Steps

The pest control expert always follows a strict procedure for completing the pest inspection:

  1. The technician comes to your property in Leeds with the professional pest inspection equipment;
  2. All traces of the vermin are carefully examined and the entry points are identified in a short time;
  3. The pest controller comes with the solution to your pest problem by determining the technique and pesticides that will be used during the pest control session;
  4. Тhe pest extermination will be done at a time and date that is most comfortable for you. It may also begin immediately if the teams are available - in this case, the inspection is free, and you only pay for the treatment.


Hi, I would like to say that I was pleased with the service I got from you. I booked an inspection of my house and when it was clear that I had a cockroach infestation the guys offered to treat it right away and they did. It went well and I liked the price even more. 

Bob Stevenson

I was only gone for a weekend but when I came back I felt like there were some weird noises in the bedroom so I called you for an inspection. The specialists said I had mice and were kind enough to seal their holes right away and lay down traps. I will definitely contact you when I need pest control.

Rose Morrison