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Expert Wasp Control in Leeds at Affordable Prices

Wasps, unlike bees, are very aggressive and may be very harmful if not removed on time. These flying insects make nests in your house and will attack you when they feel threatened. We highly recommend wasp nest treatment immediately after you spot one, otherwise, you expose everyone around at the risk of being stung by the flying insect.

Never try to remove a wasp nest on your own. If not done properly, the insects become aggressive and may do great harm to your health. Contact the local expert exterminators from Leeds if you have a wasp nest at your domestic or commercial property.

PestKillerz's sales and customer support team are available 24/7 to receive your call and arrange a pest inspection visit, followed by a professional treatment.

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How We Treat Wasp Nests in Leeds

Safety and efficiency are our priorities when it comes to wasp control. Each of the exterminators who will visit you has gone through specialized training for proper wasp treatment and will follow a strict safety procedure.

The pest controller does this type of treatment in 3 simple steps that guarantee up to 100% effective service:

  1. The exterminator comes to your address at a time and date that are convenient for you and inspects the wasp nest carefully and with great care. After this, the most effective pest control method and pesticides are determined;
  2. The pest controller will treat the wasp nest if it is located no more than 15ft from the ground. If the nest is reachable, it will be sprayed. After that, a special powder insecticide will be applied for up to 100% guaranteed extermination;
  3. Once the wasp infestation is stopped, the pest exterminator provides our customers with professional advice on how to prevent further infestations at the property.


Since we had the inspection and found out that we had a wasps nest in our yard we had stopped going there. We weren’t even letting the dogs out. We had booked a treatment and yesterday the men came. They seemed quite competent and were very quick. There were no problems, they did their job and left. I will recommend you. 

John Rowland

Living with wasps near you is not pleasant I tell you! I could not thank your exterminators enough for safely treating the nest from my orchard. We felt terrorised by them because they would attack anyone if he came near their nest. I want to thank your exterminators who were truly amazing. 

Chuck Patterson