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Do you hear strange noises coming out from the attic? That is a sure sign of unwanted visitors in your house. Keep calm, you don't have to call 999, instead, call us.

PestKillerz is a pest control company with experience and expertise in dealing with all kind of pests. Our coverage has extended since we now provide pest removal services in Liverpool. All services are performed by a certified pest technician. Normally a single pest technician is more than enough. However, when answering a commercial query we send a team of specialists to handle the pest infestation.

Keep Calm โ€“ Read How The Pest Exterminators Work

Before the treatment begins, the technician will perform an inspection of your property. This way he will determine the level of infestation and decide, which pest removal method would be appropriate. After that, different insecticides, pesticides, baits and traps will be used. Upon completion, you will be given a written report that the pest removal service is done. Within it, you'll see recommendations on how to maintain your house pest-free in the future.

Local Expert

Liverpool local exterminator

The PestKillerz's branch ambassador for Merseyside area. Adam resides in our Liverpool office ready to assist you with battling crawling insects and rodents. Adam has been with us from the beginning and is one of our key technicians. His experience has shaped him to be responsible to our clients and very eager to help with all sorts of jobs.

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Pest Control Services You Should Opt For

We offer different pest treatment packages you can opt for. The first and most recommended one is the full treatment, which includes 3 visits in total. This is when the technician returns to inspect the house and check if the infestation is gone. This type of service is recommended for particular pests โ€“ rats, mice and often for bed bugs.

On the other hand, one-off, as the name suggests, consists of a single visit treatment. Upon arrival, the pest exterminator will take all necessary steps to remove the pests, including inspection, proofing and prevention. We don't do any follow-up visits when conducting one-off pest control. Generally, this type of service is used when dealing with cockroaches. The main reason for doing so is the methodology the pros utilise.

What distinguishes us from other pest removal companies is:

  • Flexible services โ€“ from one-off to full guaranteed treatments;
  • You get preferential rates when combining additional services;
  • Quality recognised by our customers;
  • Join our family, which consists of more than 7,000+ happy customers;
  • 97% satisfied clients.

All pest control services in Liverpool carried out by PestKillerz, ARE NOT hourly based. Each pest extermination will be performed for as long as it required in order to deal with the pest - your pest technician will stay until the job is done.

All pesticides and insecticides that the local pest control technicians use are powerful products with strong residual effect. They are supplied by the official UK supplier - Kill Germ. The technicians are fully equipped and take all necessary gear depending on the type of pest.


Wonderful service. A pest company I can rely on. The technician came at 10:30 in the night for my recent squeaky noises I've been hearing.

Eve Perry

Prompt response on a Bank Holiday weekend and on site first thing on a Sunday morning.

Luke Carpenter