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How Secure is Your Liverpool Business From Pest Infestations?

A single pest infestation can impact your business immensely. It can force you to change the direction you were heading overnight. Worst case scenario, you might be forced to close. PestKillerz is here to protect your effort in growing your business by offering advanced pest control in Liverpool for various types of commercial and public properties.

We can prevent and treat a wide variety of pests and protect your property from their destructive behaviour. Our commercial pest control procedures are designed with businesses in mind and are flexible, cost-efficient and aim at dealing with the problem as quickly as possible.

How PestKillerz Performs Mice/Rat Treatment and Proofing

PestKillerz carries out numerous effective procedures to ensure your place of business stays rodent-free. After a meticulous inspection of your premises, the technicians will locate all entry and exit points. Filling them with expanding foam will prevent mice and rats from re-entering the premises and infest the property again.

The local mice exterminators are skilled in:

  • filling out all exit and entry points to prevent rodents from entering;
  • dealing with rodents that are still lurking around your premises;
  • conducting regular inspections to ensure the premises are pest-free.
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Treatment and Proofing of Cockroaches and Other Insects

Before the pest treatment begins the technicians always inspect your commercial property to evaluate the severity of infestation. After doing so, we are able to decide on the best course of action in dealing with the given pest. Normally the treatment will take place immediately after the inspection and we will utilise a powerful gel that has a knockdown effect.

After a period of time, the pest specialist will come to apply a secondary treatment. When the infestation has been stopped and all crawling insects have been exterminated you will be issued a certificate that your commercial property is pest-free.

In few words, the commercial pest control expert in Liverpool will:

  • apply a knock-down treatment, usually a powerful insecticide;
  • apply a secondary treatment to ensure the commercial property is 100% pest-free;
  • schedule regular pest inspections to ensure the safety of your business.

Best Tips to Protect Your Commercial Property from Pests

This is our best pick of easy tips to protect your business from unwanted fines and keep matters strictly business. Don't forget, we can assist you with them all.

  • Keep the floors sparkling clean, especially in the kitchen;

Food works as a magnet for pests. Having your commercial kitchen regularly cleaned will prevent from attracting any unwanted crawling insects or rodents.

Furthermore, floor stains and spills are the food source for many unwelcome visitors, so keeping all floors clean will help in maintaining the place pest-free.

  • Seal all dents and cracks that you manage to spot;

When checking your property, make sure to seal off all cracks, nooks or crannies that you see. All small holes are potential entrances for tiny insects and the flexible rodents, such as mice.

Fixing them in a timely matter will most likely save you a lot of headaches and potential damages caused by the gnawing habit of rodents.

  • Maintain your carpets and upholstery clean – wash them regularly;

Carpets carry along food particles it has collected in due time - these are a great food source for many pests. Various spills are also a real temptation for cockroaches, mice, rats and bed bugs. Make sure to deep clean your carpets and maintain your furniture's freshness so they won't attract pests.

  • Clear rubbish regularly – Never store it for a prolonged period of time;

Don't keep rubbish for too long, especially if your bins are inside the building. After a certain period of time, waste will begin to attract unwanted visitors and may actually cause pest invasions.

  • Regular Pest Inspections by Certified Pest Technicians.

Make sure you'll avoid fines or foreclosures - allow regular visitations from a certified pest control technician who will keep your business premises under a constant observation and always pest-free.

What Effects Can Pests Have on Your Business Property?

Pests pose a serious threat, no matter if you store, prepare or serve food. The unfortunate fact is that pests such as cockroaches, mice, rats and flying insects can spread diseases and contaminate the environment which can easily harm your customers and employees.

Pests can impact your business in numerous ways and here's a short list them:

  • They can and will damage your equipment and property;
  • They have a grotesque presence and leave an awful odor after themselves;
  • They pose a serious health risk and can transmit dangerous parasites;
  • They could lead to fines and foreclosure of your business.

Pests can be found in any commercial property, no one is protected. Even if you run a cafe, a chain of prestigious restaurants, a pub, private catering outlet or a commercial kitchen you must have a sturdy commercial pest control program in place or you will be putting your customers and business staff at risk.


I wasn’t going to write a review but the team who did the treatment were so nice and what they did was great so I wanted to say a big Thank you to them and the entire company.

Ashley Hale