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Mouse Removal and Extermination Services in Liverpool

Mice can infest any place they find food and shelter in. The presence of a single mouse is enough for you to be alarmed as they spread really quickly. Generally, mice can be a great health hazard and they will inadvertently damage your property due to their gnawing habits. If you don't handle the rodent issue immediately you will have bigger problems after a while. Mice have tendencies to reproduce rapidly and grow in number fast which can drive additional problems to the table.

You can exterminate your squeaking problems with a single phone call. PestKillerz offers comprehensive pest control services in Liverpool area. Act now to prevent the rodents from spreading the infestation in your house.

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How The Pest Technicians Perform Mice Control Services

Before the pest technician begins, he will inspect the premises and look for entry – exit points. He will determine the level of infestation which is easily achievable with the use of an endoscopic camera. We advise opting for a guaranteed mouse treatment because the follow-up visits are necessary 98% of the times, based on previous experiences.

The actual mouse treatment consists of three steps. First, the technician will seal any small holes using a wire wool, sealants and expanding foam. Keep in mind that this extends to rodent-sized holes only, anything larger than that is a job for a handyman. Our main focus will be to seal holes in the kitchen first unless you frequently see mice in other rooms also. Step two will be to lay down a powerful control product and traps, which will be placed in hard to reach places. This is to ensure that your pet or child can't reach them. Step three is prevention - the pest technician will provide you with advice on how to keep mice away, which will be given on site.

Mouse Control Liverpool - Proofing and Preventing

We urge you to book a full mouse control and removal service because it includes rodent proofing and prevention. Your local mice exterminator will advise you on where the mice are coming from and what precautions should be taken to avoid future problems with the vermin.

Only upon request and a small additional price the mouse technician will install the following items for a complete mouse proofing – door brush seals (mice won't be able to enter through the small gap between the floor and the door) and vent mesh (it is made of stainless steel and will be installed over vents to prevent mice from entering through the holes of the vent).

Collect and Dispose of Mouse Carcasses

This is not included in the one-off pest control and extermination services carried out in Liverpool. You have to additionally request it either through the booking form or chat option. If you're on the phone with a company representative he will advise you about your options. However, the poison we use to kill the mice forces them to exit your house to gasp for air leaving them dead outside of your house/flat.

In the rare cases when the mouse can't escape and dies somewhere between the walls, you'll have to call us for assistance and book our dead animal removal procedure. A local pest controller will arrive to pick up all the carcasses and will ensure that your home is mice-free.

Thanks to your feedback about our pest control services in Liverpool we are able to provide even better service experience. 

If you've booked our complete mice control treatment, we will relieve you from the duty of disposing of the dead animals - your local mice controller will pick up all carcasses from your property on his second visit. He will also replace the baits and ensure that the mice control treatment achieves best possible results.


Thanks to Adam I can sleep safely knowing there are no more mice.

Ava Butler

Guy arrived on time. Polite, prudent and easy to talk to. Thanks.

Callum Burke

Your treatment is definitely the most efficient one I have had in my house. I live on the ground floor and often have pest problems and call professionals at least two times a year. I’ve tried a few other services before but your exterminators seemed more skilled. For other problems, I’ll be sure to call you.

Tom Byrnes