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Effective Rat Extermination Services in Liverpool Areas

Earlier this year, Liverpool Echo published a very shocking reading - a statistic that revealed Liverpool's 'rat capital' based upon all requests sent to the local council for an 11 month period. The exclusive data accounted for more than 1,000 requests for rat control in Liverpool.

As a pest control company servicing Liverpool, we are dedicated to answering any and all of your requests. Rats are clever rodents that can cause substantial damage to your property. The moment you suspect there are rats in your house, call the best rat control company in Liverpool – The PestKillerz.

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How PestKillerz Deals With Rat Infestations

Before the treatment begins, we will investigate the property to locate all entry and exit points and understand the level of infestation. This is needed in order to provide the most efficient rat control service. The pest specialists can use endoscopic cameras to locate where the rodents nest.

The most common places rats like to inhabit are attics or cellars and roofs - food, water, and shelter are what these pests crave. This is why your home is a preferred target for the pesky rodents. An infestation can also be found around the kitchen and storage rooms.

The technician will seal all small holes using expanding foam or wire wool, preventing the rat from entering again. After that, he will set traps in hard to reach places using special bait, which is designed for rats. Normally we advise for full rat treatments to be done with a follow-up visit.

Full Rat Treatment for Better Results

After a rat control treatment, rats usually die off outside of your house, but in rare cases, they get stuck between your walls. When that happens a horrendous stench breaks loose, powerful enough to make your eyes water. Our company offers dead carcass removal as well.

The rodent specialist will treat and proof your property and provide you with expert tips on how to maintain it pest free. Our guaranteed service provides the choice of up to 2 extra visits after the initial one, in case there is still rat activity within a 3 month period after the first visit.

Why Choose Our Rat Control Services in Liverpool

PestKillerz is available 24/7, including for emergency infestations. The experts work on weekends, bank holidays and even Christmas in order to answer all your queries. We offer you excellent customer service and effective rat extermination.

Our full pest treatment service in Liverpool comes with a guarantee that your residential or commercial property will remain protected and rat-free for up to 3 months after our visit. The technician will proof your property and provide you with written suggestions on how to keep your house rodent-free.


I’m so thankful to the technician who took care of my rat infestation. He did a detailed job and assured me that all entry holes were blocked. I think his name was Rob and I want to thank him.

Olivia Harding

I was pleased to find that after the treatment and after I was gone for two weeks the house did not have any mice. I had had it cleaned before and the mice would come back in a week or two. So far, the coast is clear and I just felt like thanking you for the job.

Maria Webster