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Wasp Control Services in Liverpool and Surrounding Areas

It's easy to find if wasps have taken shelter in your backyard, garden or somewhere around your house. Wasps build these large hanging nests where they take shelter throughout the winter period. However, once it gets warm, the nest comes alive and starts buzzing again threatening to sting everything in its path.

PestKillerz offers professional wasp control services and before we begin treatment the pest technician always inspects if what he's going to deal with really are wasps. There have been numerous cases in which people look for wasp nest treatment in Liverpool and turns out they have bees, which are forbidden to treat by the law.

In our capacity as a professional pest control company, we are aware that bees are a protected species and will not treat them. Instead, we will suggest you use the services of a local beekeeper.

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Wasp Nest Treatment – What Measures Does The Pest Technician Take

Your local pest technician will treat the nest itself - he will use a special pesticide that has a powerful effect on the wasps' nervous system. This is a one-off treatment and your wasp problem will be solved.

Be advised that you need to remove all pets from the property prior to our arrival.

If you have multiple pest problems, PestKillerz will be able to help you deal with all of them at preferential rates.

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Liverpool Pest Control Advice – Wasps: Habitat and Behaviour

Wasps are amazing architects, they construct their hanging nests called hives at all kinds of places - houses, trees and other structures. The hives are designed so that the wasps can have a shelter during the winter period.

Contrary to popular beliefs, wasps are not aggressive but territorial - they will go to great lengths to protect their hive from danger and that's why they sting people. Luckily, only female wasps have stingers which minimise the danger. Unlike bees, females wasps can sting multiple times and when they do, they release pheromones that attract other nearby wasps that also join to the attack.


My husband and I were mortified when we came back after a holiday and we discovered a bees nest on one of our trees. We called for treatment right away and after the inspection was over we were informed that it was even worse than we thought - it was a wasps nest! The guys were kind enough, and we were lucky enough that they were free, to come and treat the nest right away. Could not thank you enough!

Gabby Potter