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Bed Bug Treatment in Manchester by PestKillerz

Bed bugs are a pest, which is really difficult to be spotted because they hide very well, while their nymphs are very tiny and almost transparent in colour. Bed bugs can be a complete nightmare for people who are prone to certain allergies.

Pest control companies not only in Manchester but across the UK have been challenged recently because bed bugs prove to be very difficult to eradicate. One of the reasons for that is that the blood-sucking pests have evolved. Thanks to that evolution, they have developed physiological defence mechanisms to resist most of the commercial bed bug sprays and even some professional insecticides.

Don’t worry about any of this, though. PestKillerz can totally help you with a professional and efficient bed bug eradication. The certified pest technicians need 2 visits to make sure that the infestation is fully gone. A thorough inspection, together with the actual treatment, is performed during the first visit and then a follow-up visit is needed in order to evaluate the results and do an additional treatment if it’s necessary.

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How the Bed Bug Treatment Service is Done by PestKillerz

The technicians at PestKillerz have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the entire bed bugs extermination process is done properly and without taking any risks. The custom-made bed bug control solutions consist of only the most effective methods for eradication, including fogging service, in order to guarantee high success rates to our customers.

Here is how exactly the certified bed bug experts deal with the crawling pests:

  • After you schedule an appointment, the pest technicians start with a comprehensive inspection of your property. Every single inch of your premises is fully inspected, including hard-to-reach areas. Special attention is paid to the bedroom(s). The area under the mattresses of all beds, where the bed bugs usually hide, is carefully checked;
  • When the most adequate and efficient bed bug removal method is chosen, the experts proceed with the extermination itself. During the first visit, the mattresses are treated with a pesticide which tempts the bed bugs to come out. Once they make contact with it, they die instantly;

*Sleeping on the treated bed is recommended, otherwise, the bugs won’t come out.

  • The second visit is done 2 weeks after the first one and is basically an inspection of the results from the first treatment. Then, a follow-up spraying is done in order to prevent further infestations;
  • The final step is to provide the customer with valuable bed bug prevention tips. In order for the entire treatment to have full effect, it is not recommended to clean the treated surfaces for 5 days after the application of the insecticide.

For optimal efficiency, the certified bed bugs exterminators use COSHH-approved pesticides. All pest solution methods include non-toxic and human-friendly treatments.

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Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed on warm-blooded animals, as well as on humans. They can also be harmful to humans who have certain allergies. If you have any doubts that your business or residential property is infested by bed bugs, immediately contact us. Our phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on weekends and bank holidays for your convenience.


After booking a bed bugs treatment with you, my husband and I sleep much better. I do not know how long we have had the bed bugs, but it took us at least a month to discover why we had bite marks that itched. My husband and I want to thank the skilled technician who took care of our problem. Thanks to him now we sleep like babies. Many thanks!

Jennifer Collins

Hey! I just wanted to say that the man who was sent to treat my bedroom for bed bugs was very professional. He was super friendly and polite. I hope all of the employees are like him. The girl I spoke on the phone with was also very nice and helpful. Your staff is great.

Oliver Garner