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Flea Treatment in Manchester Provided by PestKillerz

Are you bothered by constant itching and skin irritation? Then your property is most probably infested with fleas. The right thing to do right now is to pick up your phone and contact PestKillerz so that we can assist you with an efficient flea removal service in Manchester. We are available 24/7 every day of the year.

Fleas have the ability to transfer a variety of diseases and infections, such as Typhus and Tapeworm, to humans. They are also capable of transferring animal-specific diseases to household pests. With PestKillerz, you can get a discreet and professional flea treatment for residential and commercial properties in the entire Manchester area.

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How the Flea Treatment Service is Done

Keep the hygiene levels in your home or office as high as possible and you will decrease the risk of a flea infestation to a minimum. Vacuum the areas that pet frequent and the edges of rooms to remove the eggs and any larvae.

Washing pet bedding at high temperatures also helps. However, if you still notice signs of a pest infestation, contact us. Our well-trained technicians will deal with the situation as follows:

  • It usually only takes a single visit to perform the flea control. This includes a complete property inspection to determine which areas are infested and how they should be treated;
  • The flea removal technician will apply the most appropriate and efficient insecticide, depending on the level of flea infestation in your business or residential premises in Manchester;

*Keep in mind that the flea fogging has a 3-month residual effect.

  • When the treatment is done, the flea control expert will give you specific instructions. You will also be given valuable tips and tricks on how to successfully prevent flea and tick infestations in the future.

*It’s not recommended to clean the treated surfaces for 5 days after the application of the insecticide.

Get your Professional Flea Control Service in Manchester Now!

In most situations, fleas are brought into homes and offices by either pets or pet owners. That doesn’t really matter because, with the expert help of PestKillerz, fleas are easily preventable. If you have any hesitations that your home or workplace is infested with those nasty insects, there is only one thing to do. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime - our phone lines are open twenty-four hours a day. Another option is to contact us by filling our free quote form so that we can easily provide you with a discreet and emergency flea treatment.


Thanks to the technicians that were sent to our house we no longer have fleas. This summer the entire neighbourhood suffered from a flea infestation and you were recommended by a neighbour. We booked a treatment for the lawn and the backyard and ever since the procedure we have noticed any appearances again. We can finally let the kids play safely outside.

Olivia Davies

I have three dogs, two Golden retrievers and one fluffy Pekingese, that love running in the backyard. The veterinarian advised us on treating the grass areas around the house for fleas if we suspected that we had any, so we wouldn't bring them in the house. First, we got your technician to do an inspection and after it showing that indeed there was a problem, we had the yard treated. I must thank the guy who did all of the work. He was very nice and polite and our dogs are safe now.

Betty Foster