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Fumigation Services in Manchester: A Professional Solution for All Kinds of Pest Infestations

Fumigation is a process that pest technicians use to exterminate a variety of insects within enclosed quarters. It is the perfect anti-pest solution when other types of treatment fail. The pest fumigation treatment is suitable for both commercial and residential properties.

During the service, a highly efficient biocide powder is applied to all affected surfaces. Unfortunately, this method cannot be counted on to deal with larger pests, such as mice or rats. However, the fumigation service is extremely efficient against flies, fleas, moths, spiders, and other crawling or flying insects.

Our house fumigation services in Manchester are used when the infestation is already too heavy. In addition to that, the property should be vacated while the treatment is being performed. Call PestKillerz now and schedule your fumigation treatment. We only work with Manchester-based, certified, and well-trained pest control technicians.

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How Our Fumigation Treatment Works

We will perform a professional pest inspection before fumigating any parts of your business or domestic property. An estimation of the type and the level of infestation will be made in order to ensure the safest and most effective method and to avoid any serious disruption of your operations.

  • The expert pest controller, who we send to your address, will work in full compliance with all established health and safety regulations in the UK. Your pet(s) will also remain out of harm’s way. He will thoroughly fumigate the problematic areas while you are out of the property. It is important to remember that the residual effect of the insecticide can last up to twelve weeks;
  • When a full service is booked, you can request two follow-up visits for a period of 3 months, if necessary. Additional recommendations on how to protect your property from future infestations will be provided when the fumigation service is accomplished.

*After each of our insect fumigation procedures, the substances will need to remain on all surfaces for 5 days to achieve maximum effect.

Book you Fumigation Service for an Insect-free Future

If you have an ongoing infestation or just want to prevent one, we have the right pest control solution for you. Schedule a fumigation treatment with us to keep your property pest-free in the long-term. For further information on the fumigation options available from PestKillerz, please call us now or fill in our online contact form. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


My wife booked your fumigation service last month when we had a problem with bed bugs. We learnt that nothing else would work and we went straight to you for help. My wife had heard good things about you, so we called...We could not thank you enough! It feels really good to not have bed bugs anymore!

David Brown

As a landlord, I have used this service a couple of times when I have had my flat vacated and have not yet been displeased. I get different guys every time but they all seem to be very well trained. Thanks for the competent work and friendly attitude.

Bart Jones

Your fumigation service saved us from a cockroach infestation! We used traps and baits, we used some other cockroach sprays and what not with no result. When we noticed that their number had increased and nothing helped we booked a fumigation with you. It did a splendid job! We had not seen a cockroach in months. But we will definitely call you again if they appear.

Rose Williams