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Pest Inspection in Manchester By PestKillerz

If you suspect that there is a pest infestation brewing at your place, the earlier you call for a professional help for intervention, the better. PestKillerz offers a thorough pest inspection for the entire Manchester area, which will help you decide if you need to call in exterminators for pest proofing or overall pest extermination.

Call us now to book your affordable pest inspection in Manchester and the team of experienced pest technicians will locate the pests in no time. No matter how well the pests have hidden, every inch of your property will be carefully inspected with the latest technology to deal with them accordingly.

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When Do You Need a Pest Inspection?

When you spot any signs of pest activity on your premises, it is crucial to hire an expert as early as possible. Let us take a look at the most common pest infestation signs that can help you decide whether you need an efficient pest inspection.

  • Noise – The best time to observe any pest activity is at night as this is when the majority of pests are most active. Pests tend to hide within wall cavities, ceilings, attics or any other location in your home that is crawl-friendly. Usually, a light pitter-patter sound is all you need to hear to confirm their existence;
  • Smell – If you catch a whiff of a musky smell, then you have to investigate things further. The nasty fragrance that pests leave behind is often described as “musky”, with a distinct pinch of ammonia. It is important to track down the source of the smell because most of the time it will lead you to the next evidence of an ongoing pest infestation;
  • Nesting – Pests are coming to your home to find a warm environment, which is safe from predators. They also see your property as a good food and water source. To make their tenancy even more comfortable, pests will often make cosy nests in hard-to-reach spots. The most suitable places for this include darker, less-trafficked areas of your house, such as behind appliances, in wall cavities, or within loft insulation;
  • Damaged furniture and wiring – To wear down their constantly growing teeth, rodents, in particular, will chew just about anything: pipes, insulation, wood, plastics, wires, etc. If you spot any structural or furniture damage, such as cracks in walls or a scratched bread box, then you should seriously consider the option of getting an inspection;
  • Droppings – Finding urine marks or fecal droppings is not only a clear sign of a pest infestation but also a vessel for dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. To avoid any health risks, make sure that any contaminated area is cleaned thoroughly after contact. Larger pests, such as mice and rats, will leave rather obvious droppings, but smaller animals, such as cockroaches, are a bit more subtle.

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PestKillerz Manchester is available 24/7 every day of the year and our technicians are highly trained to deal with rodents, bed bugs and many more pest types. Book your pest inspection service and make sure your property is pest free. Feel free to fill in our online contact form if you have any questions.


I used them for a pest inspection when I bought my house at the end of 2017. They were very professional and efficient. We had no pest but they gave us a few tips on how to prevent infestation. I would never ever even think of using another company for pest inspections or pest control services.

Maddison Sanders

The technician showed up on time and was very friendly and knowledgeable. He did full pest inspection on our property and discussed the process of when the report would be available. Also, answer our questions. Thanks!