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Expert Mice Control Services in Manchester at Affordable Prices

Mice and rats can affect homes and business properties in a number of negative ways, such as causing structural damage and contaminating premises. Being among the most common pests in the United Kingdom, rodents can also be harmful to a human’s health. So, if you noticed any signs of a mouse or a rat infestation at your property, don’t hesitate to contact PestKillerz Pest Control in Manchester at any time.

The teams of well-trained and experienced pest control technicians work efficiently and humanely in order to perform high-quality mice control. If you have any doubts that pesky rodents are circling around your premises, contact PestKillerz now and we will send a certified exterminator anywhere in Manchester to fully inspect your property for any signs of trouble-causing mice, rats, or squirrels.

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Our Rat Control and Mice Extermination Services in Manchester in Detail

Populations of mice can increase very quickly due to the female mouse’s ability to deliver a maximum of 14 young per litter. Unfortunately, rats also do well in this regard. This means that, if rat extermination or mice control are to be ignored and not done on time, the rodent infestation can quickly lead to some serious material expenses for both business owners and landlords.

The most preferred methods of rodent control are with pesticides or snap traps. Each treatment starts with the necessary pest inspection, which helps the technician to determine the most effective methods in order to deal with the infestation. Then, the whole process of eradication is done in 4 simple steps:

  • The rodent control specialist arrives at your property for a comprehensive inspection. He will use specialised equipment to precisely locate the vermin, even if they’re hiding behind the walls. After that, the professional will come up with the most effective rodent extermination solution for your property. The price for the service is then confirmed and the rodent extermination starts;
  • The pest control technician seals any possible entry points into the house or business property. This is the best prevention from further mice and rat infestations and ensures that the rodents will not be able to access other locations on the property;
  • Depending on which rodent removal method is chosen, the pest technician places traps or rat poison. Snap traps are considered to be a better option when you don’t want dead rodents inside the walls or hard-to-reach areas. They are also more humane as the mouse or rat is exterminated instantly and doesn’t suffer from the prolonged effects of poison;
  • At the end of the service, the rodent removal expert will provide some valuable mice and rat proofing tips to the customer. If a full treatment is booked after consulting with the customer, up to 2 follow up visits can be scheduled.


Ever since we moved into the new house we had heard and my daughter has even seen a few rats. She is 7 and she didn't want to sleep alone in her room because she was afraid of them. Last week we had the house inspected and treated by one of your teams and since then we had not seen or heard them. Thanks a lot for the efficient and quick reaction.

Barbara Owen

The thing I hate the most in the world are mice and when I saw one in the flat that I rent I was terrified. I called the landlady and she sent one of your exterminators the very next day. The guy looked around and it turned out that there were even baby rats. I wanted a treatment right away and the guy took care of everything. It has been two weeks since then and I have not seen a mice since then. Thank you very much for your help. Otherwise, I would have been forced to move out.

Charlie Brooks