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Typically bed bugs are found where people sleep or lounge – beds, sofas and chairs. The most frustrating thing about these bugs is how easy it is to get them. One trip with the tube, stay in a hotel and you can transfer them into your home because they can stick to your clothing, shoes or a handbag.

It’s not known for bed bugs to cause or spread diseases. However, a bed bug infestation can lead to allergic symptoms and some more serious infections as a result of skin rashes and excessive scratching. Many people respond to the bed bug bites with reddish spots and itching that can last for a few days.

High Quality Treatment for Bed Bugs Infestation with Pro Pest Controllers London

The bed bug treatment is done over two visits, two weeks apart. To help our technician do their job properly and to protect your belongings, it’s advisable that you take some necessary precautions beforehand.

  • You should remove all bedding and clothing that’s been under or around the affected bed and bag it all in the same room to prevent the bed bugs from transferring to other parts of your home. After that, you need to wash everything on 60-90℃.

  • Pull away all the furniture because the pest technicians would need access to every corner of the room. They will treat the whole bedroom, including the bed mattresses, headboards, skirting boards, floor, carpets, sockets, cupboards, wardrobes and curtains.

  • You must hoover all areas of the infested room, especially be very thorough in cleaning under the bed and when hoovering the mattress – you need to clean it sideways and pays special attention around the edges as this is where bed bugs commonly hide.

  • Bed bugs have grown resistant to many of the insecticides that is why the technicians use different products on both visits so that can make sure the treatment is successful and the vermins are eradicated.

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Effective Bed Bugs Removal Service in London Area

  • Residents of the property should vacate the floor where the treatment is taking place. When the pest technician finishes with the procedures, the property needs to be empty for 2 hours to allow for the pesticides to settle. When you return to your home you’ll need to air all rooms.

  • You should not hoover the treated area for at least 4 days.

  • It’s advisable, the same night after the treatment for bed bugs is done, for you to sleep in the infested bedroom. That way the bed bugs, which are attracted by the body temperature, will come out and get in contact with the treated surfaces.

Return The Comfort of Your Home with Pro Pest Controllers London


The team of professional bed bug exterminators will make sure to restore the vermin-free environment in your home and to put a stop to your sleepless nights. The Pro Pest Controllers London service is efficient, done with precision because the pest technicians won’t leave an untreated spot in your bedroom and our team of experienced customer care assistants is available 24/7 to answer to any of your queries. If you need an emergency treatment for bed bugs or same-day service, all you need to do is call us at 020 3404 4091.

Also, if you struggle with rodent infestation or you need a treatment performed for any other pest infestation call our customer care team for free and they will assist you in booking additional service at a preferential price.

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