Commercial Pest Control

  • Discreet pest extermination service
  • Full commercial property inspection
  • Licensed exterminators and pesticides
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Top Quality Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Leeds

If there are signs of pest infestation on your business property, you should immediately contact a licensed pest exterminator. No matter the type of the pest or the scale of the infestation, it can cause enormous structural damage and contamination to your property if commercial pest control treatment is not done on time.

Whether it is a small business like a food store or bakery or a larger commercial building, the pest must be eliminated on time and with the proper treatment. Rodents chew on various fabric and even wires. This often leads to fires inside the building. Cockroaches contaminate food and this may cause huge financial losses for your business as well.

PestKillerz is an experienced and certified pest control company that has specialized in any kind of exterminations, including commercial pest control for business properties in Leeds. Contact us at any time on 011 3856 0108 for a free quote and schedule a service in few minutes.

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Effective Pest Control For Any Commercial Building in Leeds

With PestKillerz you can get monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly commercial pest control plans for your business. This will guarantee not just extermination but pest proofing for your business. You won’t have to worry the pest will return as treatments and proofing will be done regularly and your building will be pest-proof 24/7.

We offer extermination for bugs, rodents and flying insects for a wide range of commercial properties such as:

  • Hospitals, hotels, private clinics and sports centres;
  • Pubs, bars, restaurants, fast food restaurants, bakeries, groceries and more;
  • Office buildings, service departments, large house buildings;
  • Religious buildings, car washes, theatres;
  • Industrial buildings, factories, manufacturing business buildings etc;
  • Private schools, colleges, and universities.

The Commercial Pest Treatment is Fast and Efficient

We understand how important hygiene is for your business, so we won’t take much of your time to eliminate the pest. The commercial activity will not be disrupted because the technicians will finish the treatment quickly. They always follow a strict procedure of identifying and eliminating the pest in 4 simple steps:

  1. The first step of the commercial pest control services is a total inspection of the property, identification of the entry holes and the scale of infestation;
  2. The equipment, pesticides and tools are brought to the property by the technician;
  3. When the pest is taken care of, the technician begins pest proofing the whole commercial building by sealing entry points and applying pesticides at safe places;
  4. Professional pest proofing advice and instructions are given to the customer (depends on the preferences of the business owner).


The booking process was very easy thanks to the girl on the phone. We had our entire floor inspected and were lucky to be clean. We will use the company again, the prices and the servicing was good.

Alice Fields