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Effective Cockroach Control Services in Liverpool

Cockroaches are omnivorous insects - this means they like to eat anything and everything. This and other cockroach facts make them a health hazard to families in Liverpool. Additionally to that, roaches reside in dark and humid spaces which means that your kitchen, basement and attic are the first places to check for an infestation. We deal with cockroaches following our proofed pest control procedure of inspection, treatment, and proofing.

Cockroach Removal Techniques Used

Before the treatment, we will inspect your property to determine how serious the infestation really is. In case of a large cockroach infestation, the pest control specialist will spray your property with a powerful insecticide that has residual effect. This will decrease the chances of roaches re-entering and re-infesting your property again.

Depending on the type of infestation, we might use a special bait gel designed to have a knock-off effect on the cockroach population. When the roach eats that gel it dies within 24 hours. Other roaches then feed on its remains and further spread the poison to their hiding place which kills off the entire population.

You can book our guaranteed service which aims at a total cockroach extermination - your local pest control technician will visit your property 2 more times to treat and ensure that the infestation is gone.

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How to Avoid the Need of Cockroach Control?

Good housekeeping and high hygiene levels will help to prevent roaches from entering your home. Any kind of organic matter works as bait for cockroaches since they are omnivorous insects. They also prefer dark and humid places, drains and basements.

Keep food tightly sealed and maintain a certain level of cleanliness if you want to avoid those pesky insects. If you have a pet make sure you're not leaving its food overnight. Cockroaches are nocturnal, which means they are most often active during night time.

In some rare cases, roaches can be seen during the day. When that happens it means you already have a large infestation on your hands and you need to deal with it promptly. It's best to call a proven pest exterminator immediately because enormous cockroach infestations become difficult to handle even without the proper pesticides.

Here are a few more tips to follow if you want to prevent cockroach infestations:

  • remove rubbish regularly especially if it is indoors;
  • clean up the place where grease might pile up;
  • ensure your indoor drains are tightly sealed.

Treating roach infestation is a daunting task as it involves the usage of powerful insecticides in a proper way. Based on our experience and expertise, we recommend using a professional pest control company when you have a cockroach infestation. However, it doesn't end there. After the treatment is carried out you should keep a clean and tidy house. Cockroaches have a tendency to spread out quick and your problem could become your neighbour's. Act and call the PestKillers. Our technicians are trained to deal with rats, wasps and bed bugs infestation as well.


Adam was really helpful to come and solve my roach problem. It got out of control when I walked in the kitchen and there were 3-4 roaches there.
I had a roach problem. It got quickly out of control, but thanks to Adam's prompt actions I am no longer seeing any.

Lauren Kerr

Our guest house was crawling with cockroaches. Thanks to Adam it's clear and ready for guests.

Maya Nixon

I wasn’t satisfied with the previous agency that I used because the problem reappeared in only a month. Last week I had my house inspected and treated by you. Everything seemed good, they did more than the others but we’ll see in a month.

James Ferguson

My tenant called me panicked that there were cockroaches in the flat and I had to find exterminators right away and found your agency. I called right away and the sweet girl on the phone sent people the same day. The lads took care of the problem easily and said it wasn’t a big infestation but we did a good thing by calling as soon as possible.

Sally Hastings