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How Bed Bugs Treatment is Performed in Liverpool

Bed bug control is usually carried out in two to three visits and each visit is one or two weeks apart. The treatment is performed in all affected rooms and all you need to do is remove your personal belongings prior to our visit. The rest is left to the skilled bed bug exterminators in Liverpool. Your local expert will check the floor, carpets, sockets, cupboards, wardrobes, curtains, bed mattress, headboards, skirting boards etc. for any traces of the pest and will mark the areas for treatment.

On his first visit, the pest technician will use a powerful insecticide that has a knock-out effect that aims at ridding the majority of population. Upon the second visit, your bed bug specialist will utilise a different product in order to remove the rest of the infestation.

We diversify our products so that no bed bugs manage to survive our procedures. No matter the scale of the infestation, we always have a solution to your bed bug problem, all you need to do is give us a call!

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Preparations for The Bed Bug Treatment Liverpool

Before the arrival of your local bed bug technician you should:

  • Remove any pets from the property, including fish tanks;
  • Remove all bedding – sheets, pillowcases, etc; bag them inside the infested room and launder on 60-90°C;
  • Remove any clothes on, under or around the infested the area – they should also be bagged and washed on high temperatures;
  • Move your suitcases from underneath the bed – we can treat them as well;
  • The Liverpool pest control technicians will need access to every inch of the room – any furniture such as wardrobes against the wall should be pulled to the front;
  • You can not be present on the same floor on which the treatment is taking place since the insecticides have a low toxicity when airborne. But don't worry, once they settle for a couple of hours, they are completely harmless.

What to do When The Bed Bug Treatment is Done

For safety measures, we advise our clients to take the following steps:

  • You must give the insecticide at least 2 hours to settle down before entering your house/flat – this goes only for the area that was treated;
  • When you enter the house, you must ventilate the rooms – open all windows and doors for 5-10 minutes to freshen up the air;
  • DO NOT hoover, wipe or clean the treated areas – the product needs to settle slow in order to take full effect and protect your property for longer. You can clean 4 days after the bed bugs treatment.

Very important note: – you must sleep in the treated room the evening we've completed the bed bugs treatment. This will lure the bed bugs out, they will get in contact with the insecticide and die shortly after.


I used to think that bed bugs are only found in cheap and dirty motels but now I know that anyone can get them. Recently exterminators from your company treated my house and I wanted to thank them. If anything like this happens again I will most definitely call your agency again.

Robert Murray

I got a reasonable quote for a property inspection and treatment and was left with a clean, bed bugs-free house and I’m very thankful.

Jeremy Swan